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Thigh Stretching Esthetic

Thigh Stretching Esthetic

Thigh Stretching Esthetic: Thigh and bottom lifting surgeries are the removal of the loose skin and far tissues in these areas in a surgical operation.
As a result of the effects such as weight gaining and loss, sun and aging looseness and sags occur in the inner and bottom parts.

n thigh stretching and bottom lifting operations these tissues are stretched and contoured. Mostly better results can be achieved by combining these operations with liposuction.
With these operations the women and men with fat accumulation on their abdominal area receive many beneficiary results. The abdominal structure may be deformed because of genetic reasons, fast weight gain and loss and the changes occurring after the delivery in the abdominal muscles and skin.
Abdominal stretching operation also makes the removal of the creases and delivery lines under the abdomen.

Deciding for the Operation
The people with such problems should first consult a plastic surgeon. A point that must be mentioned to the person before the operation is that it is never possible turn back to the older appearance perfectly. After the examination the plastic surgeon explains how the operation will be performed and where the scars will occur.

In thigh lifting the scars are concealed on the inguens. In hip lifting however, the scar is just near the body under the hip bone. Moreover, in this meeting the risks and costs of the operation are discussed.
Annually this operation is performed on many people successfully. This success is mostly stems from the plastic surgeon, the good communication between the patient and the doctor and the realistic expectations of the patient.
The complication risk is minimized by obeying the rules told you by your surgeons.

The Operation
In this operation the loose skin and fat tissue are removed elliptically as in the abdominal stretching operation. These parts are stretched and flatted. Thigh and hip lifting operations ca neither be performed separately, together or in combination with liposuction.

The scar is in the shape of a line. In thigh stretching this scar will be concealed on the inguen area, in hip lifting it will be placed in order to be covered under the bikini over the hip bone on the side part of the body.
This operation is generally performed under general anesthesia. However, if only an operation like thigh stretching or abdominal lifting it can also be performed under local anesthesia.

The Post Operational Period
There will be ailments and pains in the operation area and this will be relieved with the painkillers. At first walking will be painful but within a few days it will decrease a lot. The patient can have shower 48 hours after the operation. In the first week his/her activities will be limited.

In the second week the patient can turn back to her/his daily activities. However, participation in the sport activities is not possible within the first two months, after two months the patient can begin to join sport activities.
After this operation smoking increases the risk of complication at a high rate. In these types of operations the risk of the scars’ widening is always possible.
Scar healing period and the amount of the scar differs from patient to patient.





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