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If the nose is beautiful, the eyes and other parts on the face catch the attention. While with its location in the middle of our face complements your expression and reflects your expression, the nose also makes our breathing possible so it is very important for us.
Nose aesthetics, Rhinoplasty with its medical name, is on top of the most applied plastic surgeries in today’s world.
If you are not happy with the shape of your nose and you are also experiencing difficulties in breathing, aesthetic nose operation is just suitable for you.

Why is Rhinoplasty ? The most applied aesthetics procedure?
Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen : Nose is the most eye-catching part on the face and it also puts the characteristic feature of the face forward. Especially in our country there are so many people who are experiencing problems with their noses. Also the genetic factors are in place. For example the English People do not have such problems.

Who can have rhinoplasty? Can everyone who wants go under this operation?
Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen : Of course they can. However, the most important point is that the patient should know what s/he wants, s/he should have realistic expectations and should also do what is suggested by his/her doctor. Besides these, the person should not have any health problem that will prevent him/her from having the anesthesia as this operation is applied under general anesthesia.
How do you decide on the nose shape that the person will have after the operation? Who decides? You or the patient?

Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen : Firstly, we examine the patient and study the nose structure. After that we investigate if there is any problem functionally. We take some photos and show the structure possibilities from the profile (on the side) to the person and discuss his/her expectations mutually. Actually there is no one to decide. Because the only copy we have about the result is the person’s nose. It is our mission to do the best result possible but in the end we are not creating out of nothing, we are only using what we have.

What should be thought when a natural nose comes to the minds?
Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen : Natural nose is the best looking and the most appropriate nose for the face lines and the nose which is not understood to be made by an operation. Generally the most common fear of the persons is that it will be understood by the people around them that they have had the operation and that there will be another operation necessary.
Yes a second operation. Are the all problems solved at a time? It is said that it cannot be possible by one operation.

Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen : Absolutely wrong! I am angry with such rumors without any sources. Of course it is possible to have a beautiful nose after one operation. It is the best for both doctors and the patients to solve the problem after one operation. Actually all operations including rhinoplasty should be successful at one time.
Does the nose fall after the operation?
Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen : No, it does not. This falling situation can be called as trough or nose tip’s not fully  

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