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Proper Candidates for Hair Implantation

Proper Candidates for Hair Implantation

Proper Candidates for Hair Implantation :Hair transplantation can improve your self-confidence, but maybe it won’t be compatible with your ideal. So   you should revise your expectations and talk to you doctor before you decide to have the operation.

Different from the methods in which synthetic hair is used, we use your own hair in all hair implantation methods.
The persons deciding to have an operation of hair implantation are required to have hair at the rear and lateral parts of their heads as they will be used as the donor site.

Donor areas are the parts from which the hair to be implanted are taken. Also the factors such as the color, texture and the curliness of the hair affects the cosmetic results of the hair implantation.
There are more than one methods used for hair implantation. Sometimes it may be necessary to use these techniques as combinations in order to have the best result.

The transplantation techniques such as punch grafts, mini grafts, micro grafts and FIT grafts are suitable for persons seeing their situation to be a light or medium hair loss.
The techniques such as flaps, tissue advancing and scalp site narrowing are applied for persons expecting more appreciable changes.
Don’t forget that the things to be done are limited. The people without enough hair at the rear or side parts may not be seen suggested any hair transplantation technique. In this situation the synthetic hair implantation methods with many complications may be suggested and then the patients will be guided.

1- Diffuse alopecia,
2- The situations of not having enough hair on the donor site,
3- In discoid lupus erythematosus, liken planoplaris and other cicatricial alopecias, in the active period because of the scars on the donor and recipient sites positive response cannot be taken to the hair transplantation.
4- After recently had myocardial infarction,
5- During pregnancy,
6- Hair transplantation is not applied to children under five years old.



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