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Post Hair Implantation Period

Post Hair Implantation Period

Stress, excessive excitement, sports and sexual intercourse are the points that must be paid attention to after hair implantation. Carefully obeying the below instructions will shorten the recovery period.

Do not take alcohol within 48 hours after the treatment. After the operation there may occur a slight bleeding on the nucha, do not worry about that. Because of this for the first night a bandage will be plastered there.
At the beginning in order to prevent any swelling we advise cooling treatment. Prepare an ice bag and apply it on your forehead for 10 minutes with 1 hour intervals.

Repeat this process for a few times a day for the 3 days after the treatment. Maybe there will not be any swelling but if there is do not worry. If there is a tissue swelling on the forehead, the contact lens users should not use their lenses until the swelling fades away. The cortexes that are the signs of the quickly recovered skin should not be taken off or scratched. These cortexes will fall themselves within14 days.



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