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Plastic Surgery Tourism

Istanbul is moving ahead on her way to become the aesthetic center of Europe. Both the Europeans visitors in Turkey and the European Turks coming to Istanbul for plastic surgery are becoming beautiful and also having their holiday. 
In the past, when one said plastic surgery the West Countries would come to people’s minds. Then the Turks desiring to have a good-looking appearance would go abroad.
However, thanks to Op. Dr. Fatih Dagdelen who improved himself and has been known in Europe in a short time, now the Europeans come to Turkey with the purpose of plastic surgery.
Thanks to Turks who are highly interested in plastic surgery Op. Dr. faith Dagdelen who is more experienced compared to her rivals also provides his patients with accommodation and operation.

When you add the “reasonable prices” to this, now in our country a new business branch is being mentioned: Plastic Surgery. We provide our patients from the countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands with not only their desired appearance and also a good holiday. All Seasons Hotels

Istanbul has experienced the advantage of her location where Europe and Asia intersect for centuries and because of this she became the center of various civilizations in history... Istanbul is one of the exceptional cities which became the capital of three important and big Empires in the world.
A modern hotel at the center of the old Istanbul meets your, our precious customers’; all needs and also accommodates you in the precious and fascinating history of Istanbul.

Hospitalization is a Turkish tradition and also our historical mission. Experience the 25th Hour of Istanbul with us
All Seasons Hotel is 10km away from the airport, 5km away from Taksim Square and only 3 km away from shopping malls, Grand Bazaar, Suleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace

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