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Op.Dr.Fatih Dağdelen

Op. Dr. Fatih Dağdelen

Confidence is a must for cosmetic surgery.
With the daily development of cosmetic surgery and technology today’s people, they came to a point that they can change themselves from head to foot for beauty. Also in our country plastic surgery has taken considerable steps in development.

No one thinks about having a surgery abroad anymore. Numerous specialists are doing this job successfully within our borders.
Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Fatih Dagdelen, states that there is considerable development in our country and there is an increase in the number of the patients day by day.

 1993: Graduate from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty
1993 – 1994: served in Sanlıurfa Halfeti Central Health Group Directorate
1994 – 1996: director in Sanlıurfa Birecik Government Hospital Emergency

1996 – 2002: served in Kayseri Erciyes University Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery and Special Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinics
2003 April – 2003 November: director in Medipol Hospital Plastic Surgery Clinics
2003 – 2004: served in Special Cengelkoy Hospital Plastic and Surgery Clinics
2004 – present: founded Dora Clinic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery center and continues.

New Jersey – (Dr. Gregory Pistone) Hair Implantation Education – in U.S.A.
New Jersey – (Dr.Gregory Pistone) Saç Ekimi Eğitimi - A.B.D almıştır.

Euraps Mammoplasty Course, May 2006, Istanbul
Mammoplasty Course, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Congress 2006, Istanbul
Maxillofacial Surgery and Destruction Course, Hacettepe University, 2003
Cosmetic Noninvasive Techniques, Vakıf Gruba Hospital
Microsurgery International Symposium and Workshop – Mersin 2001
Maxilllofacial Surgery Workshop GATA, Ankara 2003
Main Speciality Areas: Hair Implantation, Rhinoplasty, Mammoplasty, Face Cosmetic, Geniatl Area cosmeitc 



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