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Why Dora Clinic?

Why Dora Clinic?

Why Dora Clinic? Our working principles are:
To carry out a treatment technique in line with the special needs for every patient
to give service at international quality standards and to be happy with our patient’s pleasure.
To provide unity and continuity with our works in health sector
To adopt the principle to be the leader in our field with our whole staff
To offer the most developed, the latest and proof based diagnostic treatment opportunities while giving health service.
To accompany developing norms of the world on the field of health by joining Op. Dr. Fatih Dağdelen’s experience, ability, professionalism.
To offer quality, creditable health services with the smiling face, warm interest, experience and team spirit of our workers at our center and to gain prestige in this sense…

By human nature cosmetic is a creature. People’s natural and aesthetic look is very important for us. Op. Dr. Fatih Dagdelen’s aim in his operations is to keep natural look.
Op. Dr. Fatih Dagdelen has put his sign under great success on the field of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.        
Op. Dr. Fatih Dagdelen and his strong team show their sincerity and interest during the operation as they do when you came to interview.

Finds correct solutions for you in time in a comfortable and hygienic environment and is always honest, equal, and transparent to you about the pricing policy.
Op. Dr. Fatih Dagdelen gives and explains the whole information that you should know and.
He doesn’t force you for operation, doesn’t advise you an operation that you don’t want.
There’s no price demand for examination and consultancy.



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