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Liposuction Yağ Alma

Liposuction Fat Removal

Liposuction (Fat Removal) that has been applied since the beginning of the 1980s is the most applied cosmetics surgery operation around the world.
Here our aim is the removal of fat accumulations that cannot be gone in spite of diet and exercise and shaping the body rather than losing weight.

It can be applied to all parts from the part under the neck to the ankle. While it is applied on hip, bottom and abdomen parts in women, in men it is applied on waist, under the neck and abdominal areas. Liposuction is not a method for losing weight it is a procedure for shaping and beautifying a certain part of the body. It is ideal for people with disproportionality on their body.

On the area where Liposuction will be applied markings and drafting are made by using special pens before the operation. During a séance 3-4 kilos fat can be removed. This is pure (clean) fat.
This is equal to 5-6 kilos of a person. During the same séance liposuction may be applied to various parts (for example: on abdomen, upper abdomen, hip area and leg area at the same time).
With the help of special relieving medicines applied by an expert anesthetist, a painless treatment is applied. With the special serum given to the fat removal area the fats are melt and cleaned.
In the 80% of the cases one séance is enough. If the fat amount is more than 4 kilos and if it is necessary to remove fat from a different part, the procedure may be applied in the same week. However, if it is necessary to remove more fat from the same area it will be true to wait for 40 days on average.

After the operation the disappearing of the swellings and bruises and edemas and constitution of the ideal body structure will take 3-6 weeks. Bruises will disappear in the same time. In many patients bruises are very little but they are many in some patients which is because of the personal differences.

Corset Use
What is more, it is necessary to wear a special corset suitable for the operation area. This special corset that is used for 3 weeks does not affect the daily life negatively and is not recognized under the clothes as it is made of a special and thin material.
Return to social and work life.
After the operation the person can continue his/her normal life immediately. Only he/she is not advised to do jobs that require much attention and he/she should not drive car.

Diet Application
We can say that it is possible to get rid of 3-4 kilos removed with liposuction and 2-3 kilos by means of losing the melt fat after the operation.
As the process is applied by means of very thin canules cavities, roughness and abnormalities are not seen. With the lipofilling technique the disproportionalities are eliminated by filling the cavities.




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