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Lip Filling Esthetic

Lip Filling Esthetic

Lip Filling Esthetic : The plump and youthful lips are the symbol of beauty and also they are unavoidable for the youth, attraction, fertility, sex appeal, femininity and the most important beauty.

The beauty of the lips and their providing the completeness of the face are very important as they are one of the most important complementary items. The size, plumpness of the lips should be in harmony with and proportional to the other elements on the face such as nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, chin and teeth.

The thick and plump lips are the expression of youth and thin and loose lips are the expression of agedness. The lips are very important in the aesthetic appearance of the face. Therefore the youthful and plump appearance of the lips strengthens the youth and health on our face.

The lips are thin by birth that is from family. However, in some people the lips become thinner and wrinkled and they lose their youthfulness and plumpness. The decrease in the crumbliness and plumpness of the lips are seen as the result of the decrease in and melting of the skin, muscle and fat on the face.

Face skin and the cheeks, neck skin, eyelids, eyebrows and of course lips with it sag downwards because of gravity. The sags in the lips cause dental show in the people their downward teeth are seen and this is a sign of aging. In youths the situation is the contrary their upper teeth are seen. This is the sign of a young facial appearance.

To whom can it be applied?
This procedure is preferred by people whose lips are thin or have become thin by time and want to strengthen their facial youthfulness and beauty or want to have plump and youthful lips.
There are also people who want to make their lips thinner like patients from the black race and thinning operations are applied for them.

There are also patients who have lost part of their lips because of lip cancer and the operations are applied in order to produce a new lip and these repairing operations are also important because of function as it is because of aesthetic.

How is it applied?
The aim is to make lips seem plumper, decrease the creases and make the contours more apparent. However, one of the main aims is to preserve naturalness.
There are many methods in order to fill lips and make the lips plumper by correcting the creases. These techniques are examined in 3 main groups.
Foreign filling materials

Liquid Silicone and Silicone Oil
Their use by injection to the face tissues became popular in 1960s-1970s.
The use and selling and direct injection of liquid silicone and silicone oil used for years in lip filling is now not allowed by American food and medicine organization FDA because of the various complications and problems they cause and they are not used any longer.

Here application is different from breast operations.
In breast surgeries a gel silicone is placed under the breast in a thick case and it can be removed whenever wanted. This has no inconvenience.
However, when it is injected into the lips this liquid silicone is spread around and it becomes impossible to remove it.

This leads to inflammation in the lip tissue and also shapes deformities as it changes location all the time. In our country some unauthorized persons make this type of silicone filling secretly. Because of this the patients should be cautious and not have this type of silicone applied. In our country no plastic surgeons apply liquid silicone or silicone oil.

Temporary filling materials
These are harmless materials consisting of collagen, hyaluronic acid. Collagen is produced of cowhide. The usage of this has almost ended after the emergence of the mad cow disease.

Also there are allergy possibilities because of the animal protein; it cannot be used without applying a test. 
Hyaluronic acid that is also applied for the correction of the wrinkles on the face is the most commonly used material. The usage of the Hyaluronic acid that is called Restylane® and injected with needle is very easy to apply and the patient returns back to his/her normal life immediately. After the application it is effective for about 4-6 months and reapplication is necessary after this period.

It is produced chemically and it is anti-allergenic, risk free. These materials are injected into the skin and used for drawing up the lips and making them apparent. They are not sufficient in the cases where more filling is required. It can be evacuated from the body within 4-6 months. That is the effects are temporary and it is necessary to be applied every 6 months.

There are many chemical materials that are applied with this type of needle and not evacuated from the body and that provide a correction permanently. These may stay within the body for about 4-5 years. Moreover, with Radiance FN that is a calcium compound it is possible to correct deep lines by providing lip filling securely at one time. This injection type of applications is highly simple. The patient can continue his normal life immediately after the application.

Other solid filling materials
These are the materials that are placed by a small operation. Alloderm is produced from human skin. They are eradicated within 1 year by melting after they are placed in the body. Gortex is a permanent material. It stays under the skin as it is placed. The problem is that it may go out by making a hole by time.

Filling with the own tissues of the patient
Lip filling and plumping can also be applied with the tissues taken from the own body of the patient. These are;

Fat Cells
Fat cells taken from the own body of the patient are injected to lip and to other creases if necessary. The 20-30% of the cells stays under the skin within 3-6 months. When the process is applied a few times more an effective lip filling can be achieved. There are no harms such as allergy etc. the procedure is applied under local anesthesia. The puffiness heals in a few days. It is a highly simple application. It is highly effective in the cases where much filling is necessary.

Skin Cells
The skin pieces taken from the patient during the breast reduction operation or the under skin tissues taken from the remaining scars on the body beforehand are injected to the lips by being mixed up with fat cells and  are injected as a tissue cocktail. In this method the cells are melted partially so it is necessary to repeat the operation 2-3 times. It is one of the best and most harmless methods. There is no risk of allergy.

Reshaping the lips by operation
It is possible to fill the lips by easy operations without using any filling materials. There are many methods. The plastic surgeon chooses from these according to the lip structure and situations. The best and most lasting results are achieved by these methods. These are not temporary as others. Recovery is possible within 2-5 days. These are easy operations applied under local anesthesia.

Gull Wing Method
Here the aim is to widen the lip by moving the lip contour up. The cuts are made from the upper lip contour and from the part that is required to be lifted and then the remaining skin are removed and the lip skin is sutured to the upper skin and the pink part of the lip is now lifted up. This is a perfect method for the patients with very thin lips and lips with many creases. The result is lasting.

Bull horn or below nose lip lift
A skin piece with the shape of bull horn is removed from the part just below the nose in accordance with the curves and this skin is sutured again by hanging the lip over. A cut mark will be left under the nose. This method is also used in the patients with wide area between nose and mouth to shorten this area. Therefore the upper teeth can be seen. The result is lasting.

Paris lip
This is the name given to the lip that is made by using filling materials or fat cells on the lip contours and on the cavity part under the nose on the upper lip that is called filtrum. The lip contours are plump and apparent. 
V-Y method

Cuts in the shape of V are made on the up and down lips and these are sutured in the form of Y and the lips are filled. The result is permanent and does not change.
Lip Hanging

A small cut is made from the nose and the sutures are passed through this cut and bound and the nose is hung up. There are no observable scars. This is a highly effective method.
Lip filling is a very popular method as its results are effective and the application is easy and completes the facial beauty.





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