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Inner Thigh Lift Esthetic

Inner Thigh Lift Esthetic

Inner Thigh Lift Esthetic : Shape deformity is seen on the inner thigh because of excessive weight loss and gravity in the form of sags. The title of the cosmetic procedure correcting the deformity, removing the fat and sags are “thigh lift” or inner leg lift.

The applied technique changes depending on the level of the deformity. Generally the operation is combined with liposuction. The operation marks are concealed inguinal line or inner leg again depending on the deformity level.
The operation is made under local or general anesthesia; it lasts for 1-2.5 hours depending on the deformity.

Hospitalization period is a few hours or a night. 3-5 days after the operation the patient can return back to work or travel by plane.
The upper parts of the leg lose its stretchiness because of weight loss, aging, childbirths, on the inner thigh looseness and sags are seen. If these sags and anomalies are at a high level, thigh lift operation is applied.
Whereas it can be applied under general anesthesia with other operations it can also be applied under local anesthesia. After the operation it is necessary to limit the activities for 2-3 weeks.
The scars occurring on the inguen area are important. These scars are made to be concealed under bikini but in time they may come down because of gravity.
Through the cut made to the rear part of the inguen area skin and fat tissues are removed in the form of ellipse.

Then the tissues are sutured by bringing correspondently. There may be a recovery problem in the suture line as it is an area open to contamination. Post operation period, the care and treatment are as important as the decision for operation. There is no need to remove the sutures as the sutures are made by suture materials.





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