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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation ;Hair transplantation is the operation of the removal of the hairs from the rear part of the head and plantation of them to the areas with hair loss. The hair on the side and rear parts of the head called donor dominant continue to grow life-long and they are not lost.

The transfer of these hairs to the hairless areas does not change the abilities of growing of not being lost. That is to say the loss of hair follicles is not something about their places but about their own genetic features. Donor dominancy or dominant donor is the scientific basis for the success in hair transplantation.
The appropriate candidates for hair transplantation are the people with hairs on their side and rear parts.

With the modern techniques’ developing the hair transplantation surgery many people became appropriate candidates for hair transplantation today. In the hair transplantation surgery many important developments have been recorded in the last ten years.

The use of the small grafts lead to natural appearances rather than the unnatural appearances caused by big grafts. The grafts at the various sizes and the use of new devices now it is possible for everyone to have a proper hair appearance. The grafts with only hair have the best and the softest view.

They provide a transition from thin to thick although they do not provide much density. If the hair of a person without hair loss many single hairs can be seen on the front part. Micrografts are small grafts with 2-3 hairs and their density increases to the rear parts of the head. Minigrafts include 4 or more hairs and they can be placed just behind the hair line and they provide a natural density with the minigrafts.

Follicular unit although being a terminology not defined before the have played a key role in the success of hair transplantation for the last 5-6 years. The hairs excluding the hairs on the hair borders are found in the form of groups named as follicular units. These groups include 1 or 4 terminal (normal adult) hairs, 1-2 vellus (hair) hairs. These hairs constitute the follicular unit wrapped with a connective tissue band.

2-3 hairs usually go out of the follicle hole. In the hair transplantation the preparation of grafts as follicular units lead to a big success in the natural look of the hair. With the follicular unit transfer there are many advantages when you compare it with the transfer of other grafts.
Some of these are the protection of the natural structure of the scalp, the connective tissue composition’s being less during the recovery period, shape deformity on the skin, shortness in the recovery period, better blood circulation and oxygen separation and the most important the density of the hairs transplanted.
The adverse effects such as bleeding, no hair grow, cist or scars are seen seldom.

Modern hair transplantation surgery is comfortable and easy and the results are perfect. The hair loss generally start until the ages of 40-45.
After this age all hairs on the head become thinner. With the modern techniques more hair transplantation can be performed with fewer operations.
Hair transplantation is the transfer of the hairs on the rear part to the hairless area by being taken in the form of strips by using different techniques in follicular units or micro-minigrafts.
The transplantation procedure is planned according to the degree of hair loss, age and hair structure and the capacity of the donor area of the patient. According to the structure of the receptive area 1000-2500 follicular units (2300-6250 hairs) can be transferred in a séance. The size of the area may require more than one séances.

The number of the hairs transplanted in a séance can be increased up to 10000. During both the removal and placement of the hair local anesthesia is applied.
The procedure is completed before the local anesthesia period of 2-4 hours finishes. The time period of the operation primarily depend on various factors such as the number of the hair to be transplanted, skin structure, the experience of the surgeon. In Dora Aesthetic Clinic the operation under the control of Op.Dr. Fatih Dağdelen is completed in 3-6 hours and when the procedure is completed the patient can turn back to his/her normal daily activities.





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