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Genital Esthetic

Genital Esthetic

Genital Esthetic : This application includes the reconstruction of the orgasmic area composing 1/3 of the vagina, inner and outer labia, inner width of the vagina and the fat accumulations on the pubis (the area above the vagina) and inner legs in the area called perineal area.

Today the operations of correcting body contours are very popular. Most important reason lying under this is that successful results are achieved. In contour correction the body should be taken as a whole and attention must be paid to the proportionalities between the areas. Otherwise the results will not be enough.
Labias (Lips)

Other than the function of the vagina, the correction of the big (on the outer side) and the small (on the inner side) called labia major and labia minor and the pubis area have aesthetical aims. Many women complain that their labia are big and saggy. This problem does not affect sexual functions negatively but the success and pleasure will increase as the patient will be psychologically happy. Sometimes the labia being big cover the clitoris and this may functionally delay orgasm and decrease the pleasure.

When the labia are smaller than normal and loose by means of fat tissue transfer it is possible to make it gain a normal, stretched and younger appearance. These are daily surgery intervention realized under local anesthesia. Sometimes there may be excessive fat accumulation in the inner parts of the leg and on the upper parts of the vagina called pubis. In this case simple liposuction is applied under local anesthesia.

Labia Minor Sagging
Big and saggy inner labia (Labia Minor) surge downward and outward asymmetrically and ruin the aesthetic appearance and annoy the patients. Many women are annoyed about this and do not want their partner see this appearance. In addition, it also causes problem while doing exercise and wearing pants. This problem is corrected by means of a very simple surgical operation and the saggy labia minor gain their normal appearance again.

Labia Major Loosening and Sagging
As the small labia the big and saggy outer labia are made smaller. What is more, depending on the age the sagginess and looseness is corrected by means of fat tissue transfer and the labia major are made to look plump and stretched.

Vulvar Lipoplasty
The contour deformities resulting from the excessive fat accumulation in the pubis and inner legs composing the vulva area can be corrected by means of simple liposuction procedures under local anesthesia as daily surgery operations.
With the help of vaginal renewal operation made in combination with abdominal stretching operations that is abdominoplasty this area is stretched and the problem of involuntary urinary incontinence during laughing, sneezing, coughing or while doing housework will also be solved at a high rate.

By means of abdominoplasty vaginal areas sagging downward are stretched and regaining their older position.
Clitoris is not the only orgasm organ. The other orgasm area is the perineal area consisting of pubococcygeous and transverse muscles. By means of vaginal renewal the Grafenberg point (G Point) also takes its actual position.
Surgical treatments are generally applied under local anesthesia as daily surgical operations. Hospitalization is not required. The patients can return back to their normal daily activities within 1-7 days and the sexual intercourse is allowed after 3-8 weeks according to the technique applied in the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the Vaginal Renewal Operation last?
Depending on the kind of the application, it lasts about 1-3 hours.
What kind of anesthesia is applied?
According to the choice of the patient local or general anesthesia is applied.
How long after the operation can I turn back to my Sexual Life?
Depending on the type of application after 3-8 weeks.
When can I turn back to my normal life and my work?

Depending on the applied operation and your working area within 1-7 days.
How much pain and ailing will I feel?
The patients going under the operation says that they felt no or little pain with painkillers.
How much does the operation cost?
Depends on the type of application and from patient to patient.
What are the risks?

These operations are very secure and they include very little risk. The surgical risks such as bleeding and infection are under 1%.
Can the Vaginal Narrowing and Cosmetic Operations be applied with other Cosmetic Operations?
Yes, it can be applied with other cosmetic operations such as liposuction, breast augmentation.
Will there any marks left?
There will not be many marks observable left.

VAGINAL Esthetic
Vaginal narrowing or renewal is a surgical application towards correction the problems caused by age and childbirth on the vagina and increasing the sexual intercourse pleasure.
This application includes the reconstruction of the orgasmic area composing 1/3 of the vagina, inner and outer labia, inner width of the vagina and the fat accumulations on the pubis (the area above the vagina) and inner legs in the area called perineal area.

Vagina Narrowing
Loosening is the sagging and becoming wider of the muscles and soft tissues in the below genital area caused in women by structural reasons or trauma after the normal childbirth. Vaginal muscles slacken, they lose their normal stretchiness and resistance and their functions of vaginal control and support are lost. As a result of this vagina loosens the inner and outer width increase and the sexual pleasure decreases.
The loosening on the walls will at the same time decrease the sexual pleasure which the man partner will have. Surgically the vaginal channel is narrowed and the loosened muscle structures are corrected.





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