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Fut Hair Implantation

Fut Hair Implantation

Fut Hair Implantation Procedure:The own natural structure of the hair groups is not damaged. This is especially important in order to provide maximum growing.
This also provides the channels to be opened in the receptive area to be smaller and then the implantation will be the closest to the natural hair and hairs will be denser.

The small channels do not distort the blood circulation that is feeding so the maximum growing will be provided in the implanted grafts.
Denser implantation opportunity
Maximum growing

Fast recovery
The FUT technique performed under stereoscopic microscopes, the tissue unit around the hair is not damaged and trimmed out. Hence grafts with undamaged and containing very thin hairs can be prepared. By this way it is possible to process the prepared grafts by imitating the prepared grafts.

If the channels opened on the receptive area are big the blood veins are damaged. In this case, the blood circulation will be distorted so the recovery will be slow and some of the grafts will not grow as planned.
In FUT technique the small channels will provide elastic collagen fibres in the tissue’s protection. This is important in the placement of the graft to the channel and provision of a faster oxygenation after the implantation.
In the event that the prepared graft is bigger than the opened channel the graft squeezes and after that causes the hair follicular become bigger constituting swellings on the skin.

In the FUT technique the channels are opened in the form of very thin lines. Here a tissue removal technique is not question as in the old macrograft techniques. With the slit technique it is possible to enter into the hairs without doing any harm to the hair follicles around them. Hence it becomes easier to make the not fully bald heads have denser hair. For every one of the groups of one, two and three a different slit is used.
The Disadvantages of FUT Method
Although being a painless technique, this is a surgical procedure and suture is a must. After the operation a scar in the shape of a thin line may be seen on the skin staying under the hair over the nucha.

The Stages of the FUT Methods
1- The operation starts with the preparation of the hairs on the donor area.

2- The hairs in the donor area are lifted by being affixed with an adhesive tape as their upper parts being above. Only the small area from where the follicles will be taken is trimmed.

3- After that general anesthesia is applied. The strip is taken out with the bisturi method and it is closed with an aesthetical suture (trichophitic closure). The suture marks are not observed even after the operation as they stay under the hairs.

4- The removed strip is divided into follicular units that we call “graft”.

5- During this time the anesthesia of the area is made and the channels where the follicles will be placed are prepared with a correct dispersion and angle. The direction and placement of there channels opened is the most important stage for the natural look of the operation and this must be performed by the expert persons performing the operation. 

FUT Method Briefly
Hair implantation is performed by taking the hairs from the patient’s own head and transferring them to the bald area. The tissue part taken from the nucha of the patient is separated into follicles one by one. These follicles are placed in the channels opened on the bald area. As the operation is performed under local anesthesia no pain is felt. The follicles placed in the channels starts to grow at the end of the second month. As these are the own hairs of the person they do not fall and they do not require any care. 6 months after the operation the hair takes a natural hair look.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) METHOD
What is Follicular Unit?
Hairs are found in the shape of very thin bunches on the scalp. The follicular unit that was first defined by Headington in 1984 include the following structures;
1-4 terminal hair follicle
1 or 2 thin hair follicles called vellus follicles 
Sebaceous gland
Arrector battery muscle
Veining around the follicle
Nerve net around the follicle

The thin collagen band called peryfolliculum and paced around the follicular 
What is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)?
Follicular unit transplantation is performed with the own hairs of the patient that bears the feature of not falling because of their natural genetic structures. These hairs are one by one divided into follicular units and the operation is performed.
This procedure is performed as follows; the donor tissue strip is taken from the rear part of the head without doing any harm to the follicles.

The removal of this tissue called “One part donor skin strip” is one of the most important points of FUT method and any harm to every hair follicle and follicular unit is avoided. 
However, in some clinics the use of bisturies with many knives in the micro-minigrafting method cause many hair follicles and follicular units to be damaged and the transferred follicle number is small.

Another most important point in the follicular unit transfer is the graft cuts made under the microscope. In this technique the separation procedure of the hairs is fully performed under the microscope in order not to damage follicles. By this technique the number of the hair follicles may be increased by 25% which is one of the most important advantages of this technique over the micro-minigrafting technique.

Another most important point in the FUT technique is the use of thin channels opened with very thin special knives. The cuts of follicular units are totally made under the microscope and so the removal of the hairless skin tissues is possible and very thin grafts can be achieved.

In the thin areas opened by very thin special knives these grafts will be put and the recovery of these channels will be provided without any scars.
When FUT is performed by an expert surgeon and his/her team the follicular transfer is made possible in the minimum séance number. Therefore this is a technique with the best cosmetic results at the end of which totally natural look is achieved.

This method performed by our 2 year experienced expert surgeons and assistant health personnel follicles with 1 and 2 hairs can be transferred and more natural appearances are achieved.





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