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Fue Hair Implantation Operation

Fue Hair Implantation Operation

Fue Hair Implantation Operation ;Follicular Unit Extraction that is FUE that is the last hair implantation technique applied around the world is an hair implantation technique that produces natural results both in removal and implantation of the hair. With FUE the transfer of the hair taken from the hairy area to the hairless area of the head.
the hair parts of the body:
The hairs in the area on the back of the head
Breast hairs
Arm and leg hairs
And partially the genital area hairs

FUE takes the hair follicles out one by one from head and other hair parts of the body without any mark left by special needles and again by needles with very small radius the hairs are implanted and no knife, suture is used and no complication is caused for the patient. Baldness is a serious problem affecting one men from every nine after the age of 18.

Moreover, FUE is an effective method in closing the scars of the patients who had undergone tenia operation,
removal of burnt marks, partial beard and moustache implantation, eyebrow implantation.
FUE combining the contemporary cosmetic surgery as micro surgery with the art, is a revolution that started a new era for patients with baldness problem and provided natural results.
This method is applied within the world standards in Turkey since 2003 with our experience in the field.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): In Hair Implantation Minimal Invasive Method was first used in 2003 by Dr. Rassman. In this technique strip taking method from the rear scalp of the head (donor) is not used contrary to traditional hair implantation techniques so there will be no observable marks (scars) left on the donor area.
In the traditional techniques (FUT:Follicular Unite Transplantation, FIT: Follicular Injection Technique) other than FUE, a long strip is removed and this is sutured on the area by using an aesthetic suture technique.
Even in very advanced and experienced clinics the composition of a thin scar (hairless area) is unavoidable.

However, in FUE technique 1-4 hair follicles are taken from the donor area by means of thin edged biopsy tools and they will be transferred to the hairless area again by thin edged pensets. The channels with the radius of 1 mm. recover themselves. Therefore there will be no observable scars left as the operation is not applied by bisturi.





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