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Filling Material Application

Filling Material Application

Filling Material Application : Restylane is stabilized Hyaluronic acid (NASHA) that does not include animal raw materials. When it is injected to the skin, it is combined with the own hyaluronic acid of the body and creates a volume. With this volume, the treatment of the line, creases and facial curves are achieved.
Besides being applied fast and easy, it also makes the immediate results possible. Restylane that is produces in the form of a transparent and colorless gel, becomes mixed up with the color of your skin tone and constitutes completeness when it is put onto your skin.

What can I expect after the treatment?
After the injections of Restylane, you can return back to your normal activities. The ailments experienced are at the rock bottom. There may be slight swelling lasting for a few hours on the treatment area. Slight bruises that can be masked by makeup can be seen.
Depending on the area treated the results become permanent for a period between 3-6 months. Allergic reactions are rarely seen. These may be in the forms of redness, itching and hardness on the injection area.   Restylane treatment is generally applied as an alternative to the operation.

How is the treatment applied?
Restylane is injected to the areas where own hyaluronic acid of the body has decreased. It provides treatment by constituting volume on the injected areas.
The results are received very fast and there are no marks left after the injections. As it is the case in the Botox treatment, restylane treatment is also called as “lunch break” procedure. Generally the application is made in a time less than 20 minutes.
Restylane is injected in your own collagen under the skin where creases are seen by means of a little needle. Needed injection number changes depending on the depth and length of the creases. A few injections may be necessary.

Why Restylane Treatment?
Restylane is not animal originated like other filling materials that can be resolved with bacteria. This phenomenon minimizes the allergic reactions and also prevents the animal diseases from being transmitted to humans. Therefore restylane use is completely secure and no test is required before the treatment.
As the treatment does not include any surgical operations, this is a non invasive alternative for the face stretching operations. As Restylane gives a natural look, it is not necessary to take tissues from other parts of the body. It can used in connection with the procedures such as Restylane, Power Peel microdermabrasion, chemical skin peeling and even face stretching.





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