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Fat Injection Operation

Fat injection is the process of taking the fat tissues from certain parts of the body and transferring them to the lacking places or to the places where excessive fat tissues are desired.

This operation is preferred for lip filling, removal of the concavities, marks and creases around the nose or other parts of the face, bandy legs and gluteal lift.
Fat injection is generally applied alone under local anesthesia. However, it can also be applied under general anesthesia more comfortably during other operations. The parts from where fats are taken are generally abdomen and hips.

The fat tissues taken from these parts after being subjected to certain processes are injected to the desired parts by using special injectors. After the injection of the fat tissues closed dressing is applied to that part during a day.
The other day the dressing is opened and the part is left open. During approximately 7 days there may be swelling (edema) on the fat injected part.
Depending on the person’s structure approximately 30-60% of the fat injected melts by time.

Because of this fat injection generally requires applications of 1-2 séances. At the end of these séances a permanent repair is achieved.
Fat injection is more advantageous than other filling techniques. Firstly, the fat tissues are taken from the person and secure for health, disease risk (such as allergy, virus) is zero.

Secondly, it is cheaper and more economical.
Thirdly, when the séances are finished a permanent filling is achieved. The undesired part of this method is that it is longer in time rather than other techniques.
This method may give you an unproblematic beauty with good results when it is applied by a good plastic surgeon.



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