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Face Esthetic

Face Esthetic Procedures : In face rejuvenation the procedures change from collagen or glycolic acid to face, neck lifting according to the needs of the person.
Collagen is a kind of filling material. It can be applied to the creases in the lip area, face lines stemming from smiling, area between two eyebrows and brow.

New generation collagen derivatives are kept in ampoule or injector and they have no adverse effects.
Glycolic acid may be applied to the persons with thin creases, blots, lipoidosis problem.
Session numbers may be up to 10 and there must be a session every week. What is more, by Laser usage it is possible to get rid of undesired hairs, blots and thin creases by capillaries. Operation is a must for deep creases and sags.

Eyelid is the area where the sags and creases are seen first, as mimics are abundant and this area has a thin skin structure, the first lines show up here. In Blefaroplasty (eyelid operation) skin bulges, fat sacks are removed and Laser can also be applied at the same time.
When the face lifting and neck lifting are applied for the creases and sags on the face, the marks are left behind the ear. After the operation full recovery lasts for a week or ten days.

We are removing the lines on the brow, the creases between the eyebrows and around the eyes and the sags on the face and the neck, lifting the eyebrows, adding to the diminishing fat tissues, correcting your cheekbones, chin lines and refreshing your time-worn skin.
In this we sometimes use closed techniques (endoscope) and Laser. We are making special planning for you in order to make you gain a younger and more attractive appearance. In a very short time –sometimes on the same day- you go back to your house.

As it is the case in all cosmetics procedures not having health problems and having realistic expectations are the basic principles. It is important to understand that the results achieved by face lifting will be limited and it is also important to be psychologically sober. There is no ideal template for whole face. The aim is to have a good face appearance. Before the operation skin structure, ethnic features, skin elasticity, face bone structure and a realistic approach should be discussed. This procedure can be applied at the ages of eighties and sometimes it may also be necessary even at the ages of thirties.

Face lifting operations cannot stop aging or cannot put the clock back. Facelifting will help you look healthier and younger. The positive result you see after the operation is the increase in our self-confidence.
Before deciding on a facelift operation, you can discuss with your plastic surgeon if any additional operations on your neck and/or chin area with your face operation. Many patients demand liposuction on the face and neck. It will be necessary to make some corrections in a few areas in order to have the best result.

It is very important to select an expert and experienced plastic surgeon. At the first examination your plastic surgeon will evaluate your face areas one by one and determine the structure, color and elasticity features of your skin. The photos to be taken will help your plastic surgeon to study better. Your risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking habit, tendency to scar, coagulation characteristics will be investigated.

Your surgeon will ask your medical story and try to gain information about your mental and psychological structure. As it is a must to have realistic expectations in order to have successful results from the operation, your plastic surgeon will explain you his procedure and his expectations.
After you decide on the operation and the techniques to be applied with you plastic surgeon you will be given information about the anesthesia technique, other additional procedures, the benefits and risks of the operation, the hospital where the operation will take place and the budget of the operation.

The operation cuts are made starting from the temporal area, passing under the earlobe and going from the rear of the ear to the scalp and passing part of the cuts are disguised within the ear way. Your plastic surgeon takes the redundant fat and lifts the skin to remove the redundancies from the cut lines after applying the lifting operation on the muscle and connective tissues under the skin. The marks will be concealed within the natural face lines. 

After the redundant skin is removed, the cuts are closed by thin and neat suture. It is not necessary to cut or trim the hair during the operation. After the operation light pressured dressing and bandage are applied.
After the operation there may be a light pain but this can be controlled with the help of oral medicines.

It is normal to have some swelling and bruising and these can be minimized by cold compress applications. Pressured bandage and dressing will be removed the other day after the operation. Your plastic surgeon will advice you to keep your head high and to limit your activities and to inform him/her of every problem you have. Although being applied very often the face lifting operations have many risks like all cosmetics procedures.
The drains placed after the operation are removed within 24 hours, the sutures are removed within 5 to 7 days. After the operation the help of family and friends will be useful.

The recovery takes 2-3 weeks but the person can return to work within 10 days. The marks will mature and fade out. The marks concealed within the natural face lines can also be masked by makeup. The tightness felt on the face after the operation will diminish within the following weeks. What is more, it should be born in mind that the aging will continue in your later life.

The surgical application on the face will help you gain your self-confidence again and to correct the symptoms of aging on your face.
Health insurances do not meet the expenses of the cosmetics procedures. The operations applied for the sequelas stemming from genetic deformities or scars are paid totally or partially by the health insurances.

The patients who have had cosmetic procedures on their face, eye or neck areas and been unhappy with the results should not be upset. It is always possible to apply procedures again towards retouches or comprehensive applications that will better your situation. The second and even third time face lift operations are also being applied around the world at a meaningful rate.

Aging of the face is unavoidable. As the years pass the face and neck skin start to loosen and the creases called “goose’s foot” appear around the eyes. The thin creases on the forehead become deeper. Sags occur around the chins and a second chin occurs under the chin and longitudinal bands appear on the neck. Genetic characteristics, personal habits, gravity and being subject to sun for long hours are basic factors affecting the aging of the face.

As the old population increases the demands of face lifting to us, plastic surgeons also increase.
If you are wondering how can face lift or ritidectomy operations, in medical terminology, increase your self-confidence, you should get information as to how the operation is applied and what can be expected from the surgery.

For a successful cosmetics procedure, the plastic surgeon and the patient should understand each other very well. Realistic expectations and the confidence based on the dominance and experience of the plastic surgeon on the issue should be established at the first meeting. Your surgeon must be able to give satisfying answers to your questions about the details you are expecting from your face cosmetics procedures.




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