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Eyebrow Lifting Esthetic

Eyebrow Lifting Esthetic

Eyebrow Lifting Esthetic: Eyebrow drops and forehead creases are the signs of agedness, tiredness and anger. High and not frowned eyebrows and a stretched forehead are the signs of youthfulness, beautiful and smiling face. The vertical and horizontal mimic lines are deepened by time and give you a tired appearance and add melancholy to your looks.

The line generation on the forehead is one of the aesthetic defects the time causes on our face. The forehead lines evaluated as mimic lines do not only reveal our age but also give a tired expression to our face.

Botox is also applied besides operation for treatment. However, botox is effective temporarily and the problems recur after 3-4 months when the effects of the medicine fade out. Moreover, as the botox is can only be applied on the middle par of the forehead when the patient is surprised and want to lift his/her eyebrows up the side parts of the forehead are creased and an abnormal expression is seen.

Botox is more effective in the prevention of the creases between the eyebrows in young patients as they do not have many creases at all. Today this very fashionable procedure should not be applied to everyone and at all ages.
Botox is a poison that paralyzing the muscles. It prevents the generation of mimic creases by paralyzing the mimic muscles on the face. However, as the application paralyzes the muscles that help us show our anger, happiness, surprise, it may cause the face to become expressionless.

That is botox is a highly effective and good medicine but it should be applied on the appropriate patients who really need this. After endoscopic forehead stretching operation expressions are not lost and the patient can use normal facial expressions.

If your eyebrows drop and make you look tired and sad with its fallen appearance,
If you have deep horizontal lines on your forehead,
If one or two deep horizontal lines lying down to your nose between your eyebrows are seen,
Forehead stretching surgery provides solutions for these problems. Eyebrows can be hung at the desired rate. This procedure is generally applied in combination with face lifting operation in which the redundant skin is removed and the middle and lower muscles are stretched. If your eyelids are sagging and there are sacs under your eyes the plastic surgeon suggests eye around cosmetic procedure along with the forehead stretching operation.

The Operation
First of all the plastic surgeon investigates your forehead and eyelid region and pay attention to your muscle moves during various mimics. Then the surgeon decides on the most proper technique by taking into account the redundant skin amount on your eyelids and where your hair starts on your forehead.
Some operations are performed under general anesthesia and some others under local anesthesia according to the desires of the patient. These two operations can be applied standalone or in combination with blepheroplasty and/or face lifting operations.

Post Operational Period
According to the doctor’s decision, you can stay at the hospital for one night or you can also return back to your house 1-2 hours after the operation. You are allowed to wash your hair or take a shower 4-5 days after the operation. You take rest with your head at very high at the first night of the operation.
Even if you have a slight pain, this can be taken under control easily by medicine. Swelling may sometimes go down to region around the eye and cheeks but fades out within a week. You can conceal these swelling and color differences by makeup. Sutures are generally removed within 7-10 days. In the first periods after the operation it is expected that you not bend forward but within 10 days you can perform many of your normal activities. However, you should wait 1-2 weeks for tiring activities such as sport.

You are advised to use products with high protection factors before going out to sun in order to prevent your forehead from outer effects. In the recovery period of the fibres, itching on the cranium is normal.
The short duration of the operation saves the patient from her/his fears and gives a psychological comfort. Classical forehead stretching operation that can be combined with endoscopic method gives a more homogeneous result.
Eyebrow lifting and forehead stretching operations do not cause much trouble for the patient and it is a very easy procedure that provides a serious correction and rejuvenation in face cosmetic.



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