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Combined Esthetic

Combined Esthetic

Combined Esthetic: As the result of the unlimited cosmetic surgery and advanced anesthesia applications now it is possible to apply more than one operation in the same séance. Given that you have problems with your nose and you also want to have operations of abdomen stretching or reduction mammoplasty at the same time, now it is possible.

In the past the combined operations were not advised because of the lengthening of the anesthesia process but now they are possible with the advanced technology and applications and they make people gain time and also present more than one solution. Combined operations mean fully comfort for the patients who need more than one operation and do not want to go to hospital again and again for every operation.

Just think about it, you can select from nose, breast, abdomen stretching, fat removal, breast silicone, eyelid, bandy leg, eyebrow lifting, brow lifting, face lifting operations, you can go under 2 or three operations at the same time and you can get rid of your problems at the same time.
Combined operations can be within the limits determined by the doctor and desires of the person. At first it is necessary that you go and inform your doctor of your problems.

Then the parts that the patient gives the most importance are taken into account and an operation plan is drawn up. If your laboratory analyses and anesthesia examination are successful the doctor realizes your operations in the same séance.
Abdomen stretching + reduction mammoplasty + liposuction(fat removal)
Nose + breast silicone + fat injection
Face lifting + brow stretching + eyebrow lifting + blefaroplasty
Leg fat injection + liposuction(fat removal) + nose
Augmentation mammoplasty + Breast augmentation(silicone) + femoral stretching + arm stretching
Bottom augmentation + breast augmentation + nose + lip filling
There are only a few examples for combined operations. These options can be changed according to the suggestions of your doctor and your desires.




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