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Chin Esthetic Surgery

Chin Esthetic Surgery

Chin Esthetic Surgery : People with chins that are forward or backward may experience problems because of their profile and front appearance. With this operation their face profile and projection are corrected.

People with chins more backward than the normal will get  an implant at the size determined by the surgeon during the examination is placed through the mouth or a small cut under the chin and most of the time it does not require hospitalization.
There may be a small swelling on the chin area and it disappears within a few days. The patient returns back to his/her normal daily life in 3-5 days. After the operation no marks are left on the patient’s face.

For people with chins more forward than the normal the chin, the tip bone is made smaller through a small cut in the mouth. The recovery of this takes more time than the other, the patient can return back to work in a week.
Cheekbone Cosmetic and/or Rhinoplasty and/or Face lift operations can be applied together.

These types of operations are applied very often these days and especially the patients who want to go under rhinoplasty also want to go under chin cosmetic surgery when they see their photos on the computer.
Chin operations are easy, secure and painless; they provide significant correction and rejuvenation in face cosmetic so they are demanded by many people.




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