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Characteristics of the Hair

Characteristics of the Hair

Characteristics of the HairThe tissue on the head had two types of genetic characteristics. 1. TYPE CHARACTERISTIC
The tissues with hair on the upper part on the head and by time they lose the feature of aliveness and are lost by the effect of androgen hormone.
The hair cells mutated by time as the androgen hormone affects the tissue circulation, the hairs are lost and the baldness occurs.

As these fallen hairs cannot gain their feature of aliveness there will not be produced any hairy tissue in that area. The intervention from the outside such as pomade, lotion, medicine cannot produce cells again they do not have any ability of hair production.

These are the hairs on the area that we call corona area over the neck between two ears. These are genetically immune to androgen hormone and are not affected from cell mutation. As 1.type hair loss is not experienced on the CORONA area it constitutes the characteristic hair loss we see around us.
Androgenic baldness constitutes the 80% of the reasons of hair loss.
Whatever the reason for hair loss the only treatment with certain results is tissue transplantation.

From the area between two ears over the neck that we call corona area the hair tissues are removed within the medical boundaries and these tissues are transferred to the bald area by being separated to grafts.
From this tissue taken the hair follicles are separated into follicles of one, two, and three in sterile conditions.
In this part the most important issue is that the separated micrografts are alive.

Because the operation is actually the transfer of alive hair follicle. There is no artificial material included in the operation. This can be explained as a person’s own hair’s replacement.
As the tissue transfer is made by own tissues of the person no tissue refusal is possible. There are no adverse effects of hair transplantation. In our job the capabilities of the hair implantation team and the micrograft system are the basis. As we said before the operation is made in sterile and hygienic conditions.














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