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Brow Lift Aesthetic

Brow Lift Aesthetic

Brow Lift Aesthetic : As this is the case in other Aesthetic operations the goodness of the general health condition and realistic expectations are the prerequisites. When your plastic surgeon stretches the brow area and removes the excessive skin the creases on the brow and the structure of the muscles will change. When it is necessary some of the muscles causing frowning eyebrows.

The result will be softer muscles and a younger appearance. If you want to see what will happen after brow lift then stretch your forehead by putting both your hands near our eyebrows and eyes and pull up.
This operation is beneficial for patients with eyebrow drop and sags near the eyes. Generally it is applied at the ages of forties and fifties but in some cases it may be necessary for younger persons.

Cuts and marks are placed within the scalp and sometimes in the scalp line. Your plastic surgeon will choose the best option for you.
Decision for the Operation
The choice of your plastic surgeon is very important. During examination your surgeon will examine your face, skin structure and scalp line. Your medical story will be questioned and it will be investigated if you have any health problems that will increase the risks of the operation. The problems that will occur will be explained to you in detail.

After you make the decision for operation your plastic surgeon will tell you the surgery technique, anesthesia type, the operation to be applied, risks and budget of the operation.

The most apparent differences between the current operation techniques are the cut places and lengths. In the original technique coronal cut is used and it is 5 centimeters behind the natural line between the hair and scalp. As an alternative to this another cut is just on the scalp line. The marks of this cut recover well and the advantage is that the scalp line can be corrected by sliding up and down when desired.
The newest technique is endoscopic brow lift operation. A few cuts of one or two centimeters are placed within the scalp. The operation is made by means of a camera and a monitor and it is a minimal invasive technique that minimizes the loss of feeling.
The operation generally lasts for one and a half or two hours and the patient can go back home after a short rest.

Post Operation
After the operation there may be swellings and bruises on the brow. In some cases the bruises may spread around the eye and cheeks. In order to avoid edema that is swelling it is advisable to keep the head high. The feeling of callus and sting will decrease by time. The sutures are taken 7-8 days after the operation. The dressing around your head will be taken out on the following day. It is important to obey the warnings of your surgeon until turning back to your daily life and generally this is not more than ten days. In the later period hard body activity is limited. The bruises can be masked by foundation.

In face rejuvenation brow lift operation is applied generally with eye lid operation and face lifting operations in order to provide a certain harmony.
The early changes of aging on the face that affect your self-confidence negatively can be corrected by plastic surgeons. They may help you look how and at what age you feel.
Your health insurance does not cover brow lift operation. However, if the problem has caused functional problems that limit your seeing the health insurance may cover it fully or partially. 




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