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Breast Erection

Breast Erection

Some situations such as skin’s losing its elasticity, gravity and weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding affect the shape and stillness.
The patients who are happy with their big breast may go under mastopexy in order to erect and plump their breasts.

Moreover, some patients complain that their breasts lose their plumpness in time. In such situations in addition to mastopexy silicon prosthesis may also be applied in order to make them gain volume. 
Am I an appropriate candidate for mastopexy?

If: -
you are physically healthy and can stay stably at a weight,
you don’t smoke cigarettes,
you have realistic expectations,
you think that your breasts have lost their shape and plumpness and sagging,
your breasts are deformed, sagged and stretched,
your nipples are sagging downwards,
your nipples and the brown part around them are looking downwards,
you have a tight skin and the brown part around your nipple is wide,
one of your breast is smaller than the other one, that means that you are a proper candidate for mastopexy.

Mastopexy may be applied by cutting from different parts and using different methods. In mastopexy it depends on the below mentioned features which technique will be applied.
The size and shape of your breasts,
the size of the brown part of your nipple,
the sagging rate of your breasts,
the elasticity of your skin.
First Stage :
During the operation, you will be given a few medicines in order to make you feel relaxed. In the operation either general anesthesia or pain killers are given. Your doctor will provide you with the most appropriate option.
Second Stage : The places where the operation is applied -
It is applied as a scar going from the part around the nipple to downwards.

Third Stage : Reshaping your breasts
After your doctor determines the operation area, the breast tissue is lifted and reshaped in order to make your breasts look plump and youthful.
The nipple and the brown part around it are given a more natural and plump shape. If necessary the brown part is made smaller. Redundant breast skins are removed in order to provide the skin elasticity.

Forth Stage: Closing the cut
When your breasts are reshaped and the redundant skin is removed, the cut is closed the remaining part will be more stretched. After mastopexy the cut is closed with suture. Although these scars are permanent, it is known that they fade out by time.

In order to give a newer and plumper appearance to the breasts the sutures are made under the breast tissue.
 Fifth Stage: Result
You can see the results of mastopexy immediately. In time the swellings and suture scars will fade out. After the operation you will be satisfied with your breasts new, plump and filled appearance.
Recovery period

After mastopexy the sutures will be covered with bandage. As your breasts will be in the period of recovery, bandage and supporting bra will minimize the swellings possible to occur.

The results of mastopexy are long-lasting.
The results of mastopexy are long-lasting. Within the time passing your breasts will continue to change because of gravity and aging. The surgical marks are permanent but they will be unnoticeable within time.
However, if you want your new appearance to be long-lasting, you should preserve your weight and live a healthy life.




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