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Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure applied in order to augment the women breast by size and shape. With the breast prosthesis placed behind the breast the breast periphery can be increased by one or a few breast size.

Breast augmentation mammoplasty leads to changes in the appearance of the breast and increase the self-confidence of the person. If the person is physically healthy and realistic about their expectations, she is a good candidate for breast augmentation mammoplasty.
In the studies it is not found that the breast silicones have any adverse effects on body unless it is punctured and spread over the body. All surgical procedures have some ambiguities and risks.
In which cases can this operation be applied;
Because of aesthetic reasons in women who find their breasts small,
to correct the size of the breast size that became smaller after pregnancy,
to provide the symmetry in breasts with different sizes,

with the aim of breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.
Although the breast augmentation mammoplasty is a relatively easy and secure procedure, as this is the case in every surgical procedures there are surgical risks and special complications special to this cosmetic procedure.
The most common complication is the stretching of the capsule developing around the breast prosthesis placed in the breast. This generally occurs in some cases where the capsule developing on the breast prosthesis application becomes very tiff and squeezes the breast prosthesis. Under normal conditions this can be avoided by regular massage.

After every surgical operation blood leakage from the operation area is normal. However, excessive blood leakage after the mammoplasty may lead to blood accumulation in the operation area and puffs and pain in connection with this. When this situation is out of the tolerance of the patient it may be necessary to control the bleeding and evacuation of the blood out.
Seldom infection may be produced around the breast prosthesis. While it may occur anytime it generally occurs in the week following the breast augmentation mammoplasty.

In some cases that cannot be controlled by medical treatment it may be necessary to take the breast prosthesis out and replace a new one when the infection regresses.
It had been declared that in some patients following the breast augmentation mammoplasty excessive sensitivity or sensitivity reduction or complete sensitivity loss on the nipple are seen.

After the cosmetic breast augmentation mammology it is normal to have sensitivity loss around the cuts for a period of time. This finding is generally healed in time but sometimes it may be permanent. There are no proofs as to the fact that breast prostheses have any adverse effect on fertility, pregnancy and breast-feeding. In some cases, however, it is observed that milk discharge occurs following the breast augmentation mammoplasty.

The breast prosthesis may be punctured and the inner material may leak in the breast. Puncture is generally caused by very heavy trauma or stroke.
In this case the silicone breast prostheses full of salty water will be evacuated in a few minutes and this sterile salty water will be absorbed by the body. If the punctured breast prosthesis is full of silicone gel, there may be two situations in question. First one is that if the silicone case is punctured but the capsule around the breast prosthesis is not damaged there may not be any changes on the breast.
However, if the capsule is damaged with the silicone case depending on the outer pressure the silicone gel will be spread over the breast tissues. In this case the gel may be accumulated in the breast and a new capsule is composed around it or it may be spread over other parts of the body.
In these cases there will be changes in the breast shape and structure. In both types of puncture it is a must that an operation is applied requiring that the punctured prosthesis is taken out and a new one is replaced after the area is cleaned.

It is observed in some women that in some women with the breast prosthesis use some symptoms similar to autoimmune connective tissue diseases are observed.
Within these symptoms are articular pain and swelling, fever, tiredness and breast pain. However, it is not proved by investigations that there is a certain link between the breast prosthesis use and autoimmune diseases.
Besides this there is no proof showing that breast prosthesis use cause breast cancer.
In many women with breast prosthesis placed these risks are seen at a small rate but it is better to consult a cosmetic surgeon to solve the current problems.
Planning the breast augmentation mammoplasty..
In the first examination the cosmetic surgeon will evaluate the general health of the patient and tell her the procedure that seems appropriate for her according to her situation and skin quality in details. Because then breast may be saggy besides being small; in this case the cosmetic surgeon may also suggest mastopexy.
In this period the candidate should talk to her cosmetic surgeon about her expectations from the breast augmentation mammoplasty. At the same time she should want to learn the procedure to be applied, its alternatives, risks, the estimated hospitalization period and operation cost. In the first examination she should tell the surgeon if she smokes or takes any other medicines.



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