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Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry

The problem that the breasts are not the same regarding the shape or size is called breast asymmetry or asymmetric breast. The breasts of many of the women are normally different in size. However, breast asymmetry is a matter of problem if this difference is at an annoying dimension.

Breast asymmetry occurs at the ages of 12-14 generally because of the development disorder.
One of the two breasts can be normal, the other under grown, small or one at normal size, the other bigger than the normal. Treatment should be applied at the ages of 18-20 when the growing of the breasts has been completed.
In the first case, that is one breast is smaller than normal, augmentation mammology surgery with silicone breast prosthesis is preferred. In the second case, that is in a case where one breast is smaller than normal reduction mammology surgery is suitable.

In such operations, it is necessary to examine the patient beforehand. The operations applied to different patients are different from each other. It is the most suitable way to discuss with the patient and with her family and decide on the operation type.



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