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Blepheroplasty : Especially after the age of 30, the lid structure sags and accordingly upper eye lid skin begins to loose and creases are produced and this gives the person a tired and sad appearance. By age it is also to observe a falling on the eyebrow area and brow.

Simple creases can be corrected by collagen and laser. However, when tissue sags and deep creases are in question operation is a must. The aim is to make the person look younger. It is possible to operate on upper and lower lids at the same time.

The surgical penetration is applied on an area just under the eyelashes and the redundant fat sacs can be removed. Eyebrow lifting and forehead stretching procedures can be applied together in one séance. The surgical marks are not obvious as this is an endoscopically performed operation.
It is possible to achieve a more dynamic and young appearance especially with eyebrow lifting and forehead stretching procedures.

We are removing the skin sags and sacs on your upper and lower lids. A new face takes the place of your tired looks.
Deciding for the operation
In the surgical procedure to be applied the choice of your plastic surgeon is very important no matter the operation aim is functional or cosmetic. The patient should also obey the warnings of his/her plastic surgeon pre-operational and post-operational period.

Before the operation you will be asked questions about your seeing ability, xerophthalmia, contact lens use and your expectations. Your plastic surgeon will also explain his expectations from blepheroplasty and question your medical story.
The Operation
The plastic surgeon determines the natural lines and curves on the upper lid in order to conceal the surgical marks. After the cut is made, the fat sacs, redundant muscles and sags on the skin are removed. In order to minimize the marks closing is made by thin and tiny sutures.
On the lower lid the cut is made just on the ends of lids and the surgical marks remain hidden.

Fat sacs, redundant muscles and skin are removed and closing is made by highly thin and tiny sutures. If the only problem is fat sacs the cut can be applied from the inner part of the lid. Under normal conditions the operation is performed in one or two hours.

Post operational Period
After the operation eye ointment is applied on the suture lines and cold compress is applied. Eye drop preventing eye dryness can also be used. Swellings and bruising may occur on the eyelids due to the surgical effect at a certain rate. Keeping the face high will accelerate the healing and increase the comfort.
Wetting and sting feel may be on the eyes during a week. The eye region can be cleaned and the suggested eye drop and ointment can be used. Your plastic surgeon will inform you of your physical activities and the environmental conditions for the week after the operation. The sutures are removed within 4-5 days.
The facial cosmetic surgeries will help you gain your self-confidence again and correct the early aging symptoms.

Annually, 100 000 women and men undergo blepheroplasty in the world. Dropped eyelids will make you look older than you are and limit your seeing area. Eyelid cosmetic procedure or blepheroplasty in medical terminology provides you with the removal of the fat and skin sacs under your eyes that make you seem older while solving these other problems.

This operation is not effective in the circles and creases around the eyes and cannot lift your dropped eyebrows. Eyelid cosmetic surgeries are often applied alone but for a more successful result your plastic surgeon may suggest you eyebrow lifting, face lifting or skin renewal operations.
If you are wondering how this operation can change your aesthetic appearance you should have information on how this operation is applied.

For a successful cosmetic operation it is very important that the plastic surgeon and the patient understand each other very well. Realistic expectations and confidence in the experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon should be constituted in the first examination. Your surgeon must be able to answer your questions about the details you are expecting from eyebrow cosmetic procedure.





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