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Before Hair Implantation

Before Hair Implantation

2 weeks before the operation, do not take ASPIRIN and other medication (Ibuprofen,  ecopirin, alca seltzer etc). 3 days before the operation do not have alcohol.

Certainly tell your doctor the medicines that you use because of chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, tuberculosis, etc) or acute diseases. 2 weeks before the operation do not take tricyclic antidepressants, coagulation prevention medicines (heparin coumadin, etc.), betablockers and mao inhibitors (aurorix etc.). If you have had such medicines for a while, please inform your doctor of this situation.

Before the operation do not apply any local medicine to your scalp or hair.
Wash you hair before coming to the operation and do not use any hair gel or spray.
Surely have breakfast before coming to the operation. If your operation will be in the afternoon have a light lunch before coming.
Bring a hat that can be adjusted to be tight or loose with you in order to wear after the operation.

Before the operation do not smoke cigarettes for 24 hours if possible, if not possible try to reduce. Do not forget that smoking will lengthen your recovery period and will increase the risk of infection and scar. On the operation day try not to drink coffee or any drink including caffeine. This type of drinks will increase your bleeding and your sensitivity for the medicines used during the operation.

1 week before the operation do not take multivitamin preparates including B and E vitamins as they will increase the bleeding. Do not have your hair on the rear part cut as they will be used in order to close the suture area after the operation.
As you will not be able to drive car for 12 hours, be careful to have someone who can drive car with you if you will come by your car. Wear clothes that won’t cause problems while taking off by touching your head (shirt, cardigan, etc.) when coming to the operation.



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