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Arm lift Esthetic

Arm lift Esthetic

Arm lift Esthetic :Aging is characterized with the loss of skin thickness and elasticity in time. The sags in the modified skin increase because of atrophy of the inner fat, muscle and bone tissues.

Normally the elastic fibres constitute the 2-4% of the inner skin layer called dermis but by age this rate decreases and the elasticity of the skin is lost. Generally aging develops as a result of the combination of atrophy which is under the control of genetic factors and environmental factors. As the skin and under skin tissues are subjected to atrophy gravity pulls the skin downwards.

Today the procedures towards the correction of the body contours are highly demanded. The most important reason lying behind it is that successful results are achieved. In the contour correction body should be taken as a whole and the proportionalities between the regions should be observed. Otherwise the results will not be adequate.

Why this happens
Depending on the agedness, weight loss at intervals and loss of gravity produced on the rear and inner parts of the arm. The amount of the sags and the accumulated fat tissues differs from person to person. Hence the situation should be evaluated separately for every patient. Arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) can be performed standalone or in combination with the other body contour correction surgeries (abdominal lifting, breast reduction or augmentation and thigh lift).
Although the most important developments in arm lift surgeries happened in 1970s the reason for the dissatisfaction with the results is wrong patient choice.

The Operation
In the preoperational evaluation the doctors pay attention to the amount of the fat tissues on the inner and rear parts of the arm and the degree of the sags. Moreover, the patient is informed of the surgical scars that will occur after the operation. Surgical marks differ between patients in their width and swelling degree as in other surgical operations.

In order to minimize the post operational scars it is advisable to massage on the surgical area with crèmes containing corticosteroid, silicone leaf is applied if necessary.
In the situations where skin quality is good and there are no sags, there is only fat accumulation successful results are achieved by liposuction (fat absorption by vacuum).

However, if there is skin sags with the redundant fat tissues then liposuction will not be adequate alone.
In such cases, arm lift operation must be applied. Arm lift surgery can be applied under either general or local anesthesia. An ellipse cut is made on the inner and rear part of the arm (in the sagging place) and the sagging skin and the redundant fat tissues are excised.

In the same séance liposuction can also be applied on other parts of arm if necessary. Cutting place is sutured from the inner part as two layers.
At the end of the operation arm is covered with a soft dressing and the patient can go home 1-2 hours after the operation. On the following day the dressings are opened and the operation area is controlled and the patient wears a special arm corset for three weeks. The patient is advised to keep his/her arm high and there is no other point that should be cared about.
As long as the right patient choice is made the results of the arm lift operation will satisfy both the patient and the surgeon.





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