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Abdomen Stretching

Abdomen Stretching

Abdomen Stretching: Abdomen stretching cosmetic known as abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure including the removal of fat tissues and stretching of the abdominal muscles on the side, middle and below abdominal regions.

Women and men with loose skin and fat accumulation on their abdominal region find these procedures very useful.
Abdominal structure can be deformed because of the changes in the muscles and skin stemming from genetic reasons, sudden weight getting and losing, and delivery.

By Abdomen Stretching Cosmetic the cracks under the abdomen and delivery lines can be eradicated.
The most appropriate candidates for this operation are the patients with abdominal skin and fat redundancy, muscle separation after delivery and lacking skin elasticity together with obesity.

Deciding for the Operation
Your plastic surgeon will give you information about the procedure to be applied after he receives information about your expectations, your skin and muscle structure. We are applying the technique with the best result in this area and receiving perfect results.

If the intensive skin redundancy is limited to below part of the abdomen the application called mini abdomen stretching or liposuction application may be necessary to some parts in order to provide the body contour along with the full abdomen stretching. Your doctor will discuss these details with you and make the necessary suggestions.
In the pre operational period your doctor will inform you of the issues such as smoking, some medicines, vitamin use and will have special expectations about these.

The operation is made under general anesthesia and in the general hospital conditions. The operation is realized through the cuts made on the hairy part of the inguen in accordance with the caesarian cut.

The surgical marks are planned to be left within the bikini. The openings in the abdominal muscles are corrected by inner sutures and then the redundant skin is removed and the cut lines are covered with concealing sutures.
It is advisable that the patient be hospitalized one night. The patients can return back to their daily life after 4-5 days. After the operation it is advisable to wear abdominal corset for 2-4 weeks.

Post Operational Period
Abdomen Stretching Surgery gives perfect results in the patients with loose abdominal muscles, skin and abdominal sags. After the operation it is possible to achieve life long results by means of a balanced and regular diet-exercise program.
By this operation your body curves will improve, you will feel better with your stretched and flat abdomen and feel more self-confident and comfortable in your clothes.



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