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Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

Patients who want to go under breast reduction mammoplasty because of the discomfort stemming from their breasts’ weight they experience.
Breast reduction mammoplasty solves these types of problems and also changes the shape of the breasts. After the breast reduction mammoplasty your breasts will be more proportional to your body and your clothes will be more suitable to your appearance.

Am I an appropriate candidate for breast reduction mammoplasty?
If your are experiencing one or a few of the below mentioned problems, you are an appropriate candidate for breast reduction mammoplasty;
If your breasts are disproportional to your body,
If you have your nipples are sagging and your breasts are heavy,
If one of your breasts is bigger than the other,
If you are experiencing neck and back pains because of the heaviness of your breasts,

If the part between your breasts are irritated,
If your physical activities are limited because of the big size of your breasts,
If you are unhappy and lacking self-confidence because of the big size of your breasts,

Then you are an appropriate candidate for breast reduction mammoplasty. Breast reduction mammoplasty can be applied at all ages but the plastic surgeons find it suitable to apply breast reduction mammoplasty after the breasts complete their development.

Child birth and breast feeding affect the size and shape of the breasts. Besides this many women want to go under this operation before they give birth to a child. If you are thinking about having a baby you should tell this to your plastic surgeon.
How should I prepare for the operation?
Your doctor may want to see your mammography before and after the operation investigating your age, family story (if there is any breast cancer cases in your family). This situation will reveal all kinds of changes that can occur in your breast tissues. After breast reduction mammoplasty you can continue to your exercises.

Breast reduction mammoplasty does not increase the risk of breast cancer.
If you are smoking you should quit before the operation. Moreover, before the operation you should avoid taking medicines such as aspirin and antibiotics as they increase bleeding. Your doctor will also tell you the rules you should obey before the operation.

After breast reduction mammoplasty you can be hospitalized or you can stay at home during the night. No matter you stay in the hospital or not a person must stay with you.




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