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Abdomen Stretching
Abdomen Stretching

Abdomen Stretching:Abdomen stretching cosmetic known as abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure including the removal of fat tissues and stretching of the abdominal muscles on the side, middle and below abdominal regions.

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Breast Problem in Men

This is the women type breast growing in men.Men also have breast tissues but they do not grow very much because of hormonal reasons. Due to some reasons such as abnormal fatness, drug use and hormonal abnormalities, one sided or two sided growing may occur.

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Liposuction Videos

The sayings, such as Liposuction, Liposhaping, Liposculpturing, Body Counturing, all means the reshaping of the body by absorbing the fat from the various parts of the body by vacuuming and transplanting it to other parts by injection.

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Arm lift Esthetic
Arm lift Esthetic:Aging is characterized with the loss of skin thickness and elasticity in time. The sags in the modified skin increase because of atrophy of the inner fat, muscle and bone tissues.

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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the process of removal or absorption of the fats in the undesired parts of the bodies where some changes occurred because of the deformations and putting on and losing weights especially for women. These parts are especially waist and hip.

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Genital Esthetic

Genital Esthetic : This application includes the reconstruction of the orgasmic area composing 1/3 of the vagina, inner and outer labia, inner width of the vagina and the fat accumulations on the pubis (the area above the vagina) and inner legs in the area called perineal area.

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Abdominoplasty Videos
Due to the periods of gaining and losing excessive weights, deliveries, the division of the abdominal muscles, the deformation of the abdominal muscles and skin and their becoming deformed and loosening in the structures composing the abdominal wall, excessive lipoidosis, cracks on the skin and sags that will cause a skirt appearance.

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Liposuction Fat Removal
Liposuction ( Yağ Alma ) 1980 lerin basindan beri yapilmakta olup tum dunyada en cok yapilan estetik cerrahi operasyonudur.
Buradaki amacimiz kilo verdirmekten ote tum egzersiz ve diyete ragmen verilemeyen yag birikintilerini gidermek ve vucudu sekillendirmektir.

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Why Dora Clinic?
Why Dora Clinic? Our working principles are:To carry out a treatment technique in line with the special needs for every patient
to give service at international quality standards and to be happy with our patient’s pleasure.

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Face Esthetic

Face Esthetic : In face rejuvenation the procedures change from collagen or glycolic acid to face, neck lifting according to the needs of the person.
Collagen is a kind of filling material. It can be applied to the creases in the lip area, face lines stemming from smiling, area between two eyebrows and brow.

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