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Combined Esthetic
Combined Esthetic

Combined Esthetic: As the result of the unlimited cosmetic surgery and advanced anesthesia applications now it is possible to apply more than one operation in the same séance. Given that you have problems with your nose and you also want to have operations of abdomen stretching or reduction mammoplasty at the same time, now it is possible.

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Thigh Stretching Esthetic

Thigh Stretching Esthetic : Thigh and bottom lifting surgeries are the removal of the loose skin and far tissues in these areas in a surgical operation.
As a result of the effects such as weight gaining and loss, sun and aging looseness and sags occur in the inner and bottom parts.

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Gluteal Lift Aesthetic
Gluteal Lift Aesthetic ;Most of the time, lifting of the hip but rarely the making the hip less distinct are desired. The approach towards bottom lifting or ‘gluteal lift’ is multidisciplinary.

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Liposuction Fat Removal
Liposuction ( Yağ Alma ) 1980 lerin basindan beri yapilmakta olup tum dunyada en cok yapilan estetik cerrahi operasyonudur.
Buradaki amacimiz kilo verdirmekten ote tum egzersiz ve diyete ragmen verilemeyen yag birikintilerini gidermek ve vucudu sekillendirmektir.

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Fat Injection Operation

Fat injection is the process of taking the fat tissues from certain parts of the body and transferring them to the lacking places or to the places where excessive fat tissues are desired.

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